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Friday, May 13, 2011

One of My Favorite Gun Safes for Under $500

Now let me remind you: You do NOT buy a safe based on the price alone; you buy a safe based on the value of what you’re going to put in it, the space you have, and the size of storage space you need.

That being said:

For keeping guns out of harms way, my one of my favorite safes is the GunVault GV5900 Gun Safe

This safe only weighs 210 pounds, so getting it upstairs in your house, on the second floor of your apartment building, or into your penthouse loft is painless. You can put in a standard closet and bolt it to the floor and/or the wall. It hods 12 rifles, has four 1” locking bolts, and it’s a darn fine safe of under $500 (it actually retails in most stores for well over $500, but we currently have it for sale at $499.

Of course we have many other safes, one to fit your needs and budget. Call us at 775-358-7233.

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